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     This is the first in a series of posts that seek to identify and define common characteristics of spaces that people love and enjoy occupying. Even though people from all over the world have different backgrounds, beliefs, statuses, resources, and relationships, we believe there are common characteristics that make certain spaces enjoyable to be in and around. Factors that influence people’s connection with and love for certain spaces are varied but we believe certain patterns can be found in successful homes and commercial buildings.  

Places are the settings in which people experience life, develop relationships, and form their own unique identities. Human personalities do not form in a vacuum. Instead, they are a product of biology, family structure and orientation, and the nature of the places in which individuals live.

In addition to the concrete space in which a place is situated, there are also places that are products of human hearts and minds. In fact, it is common to hear elderly people describe the places where they lived, loved, and worked many years ago, even though these places (as they once were) are no longer part of the modern landscape. Nevertheless, they continue to exist in the hearts and minds of those who once knew them well. 

Words used to describe these happy places while working with our clients include: cozy, calm, warm, exciting, dynamic, bright, light filled, small scale, intimate, soft, efficient, connected (indoors to outdoors or room to room), open and many others. 

So, with that Introduction and over the next series of posts we will begin to explore what memorable, successful, happy places look and feel like and how you can create these kinds of happy places for yourself. Please share some of your most memorable places with us!