Over the last several months McAllister & Associates Architecture has been transitioning to the Revit software platform. The most powerful 3D modeling, collaboration and documentation software available for design teams today. We believe that transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit will help us to increase the overall efficiency, enhance accuracy and reduce changes during design and construction leading to  better projects for our clients. Revit will help coordinate the construction documentation process with the engineering team through BIM360 and allow for quick and easy changes to the project without the inherent complications and redundancies that were part of the old Autocad documentation process.

     Revit utilizes a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software that allows for an intuitive 3D model that is very consistent and accurate. The key to the consistency of the model is the relationship between the 2D and 3D drawings. Because all the information is stored in a single database, the elements are 3D but can be modified by changing the associated 2D planes. For instance, a floor plan can easily be changed to an elevation within a few minutes due to the fact that the floor plan has all of the 3D information. Also, when a change is applied to one part of the model, it will be applied throughout the entire project saving valuable time and in turn making the project more accurate and cost effective.

     Revit BIM software has a large library of parametric components, but will also store any new components. This means that anything we design can be accessed and easily incorporated in future projects. The more projects that are done, the more the library grows and the faster and more efficient the design process becomes. Ultimately leading to more accurate, cost effective project documents for you the Owner. 

    We are currently building 3D models of hotels, schools, healthcare clinical areas and churches that contain databases of high-quality details that are field tested and proven to perform for many years. With these tools McAA has the capability to design and produce much larger projects for less costs and more quickly than many large firms.  Ultimately building trust and stronger relationships with our clients.    

Watch the video below to see what Revit is capable of and how it may help your project in the future.

Video courtesy of Autodesk. Learn more at: https://www.autodesk.com/products/revit/overview