The Firm


The firm seeks to practice in classically inspired architecture blending classicism, timeless design and functionality. Based in Oklahoma City, OK the firm strives to build a substantial and varied body of work across the region for Institutional, commercial, and residential commissions. For the past thirty years, Darrell McAllister and his colleagues have grounded projects in a forward-looking interpretation of history; they believe that architectural practices in the past leave us potent lessons that are relevant to contemporary architectural challenges.

The staff is dedicated to our clients’ success. We believe the most successful projects are the result of building trusting relationships through teamwork, stewardship and open, honest communication. Each project becomes a collaborative effort that synthesizes the premises of the program, the voices of the client, and the creative talents of the architects, designers and engineers. 

Our Story

Design trends come and go. Proven design principles that brought classic communities are often lost to faceless modern design without true character, meaning and connection to people and their communities.  

Having grown up in a traditional family, worked in and led another firm for 20 years and recognizing the value of organizational and spiritual principals, Darrell decided to pivot the new firm to a more structured design narrative that includes the study, research and application of proven, relatable and timeless design principles used by the most respected and well-known architects for 100’s of years. This principle approach will yield buildings and spaces that give people a stronger sense of identity, more balanced and harmonious environments and develop more cohesive communities. 

By focusing on the practical application of the classic design principles of human scale, balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, contrast, context and pattern and their application in a complex and technology rich society, the firm seeks to educate, inform and lead people to realize the value and return-on-investment of timeless beauty, pragmatic function, efficiency and context. 

Some images contained in the site are courtesy of JHBR, Inc. where Darrell served as President, Design Principal and Architect-of-Record.  Published with permissions. 


McAA knows that when clients build, they are making an enormous commitment of time and money to what is expected to be a valuable and productive investment. We believe our prime responsibility is to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. This task includes adherence to budget, respect for time and schedule, and the prudent use of land, labor, natural resources and materials. Our design should enhance its environment and grow in value over time.


Our Team

Darrell L. McAllister, N.C.A.R.B. Principal

Darrell L. McAllister has focused his career on institutional, commercial and residential projects for more than 32 years. Prior to establishing McAllister and Associates, PLLC in 2012, Darrell worked and led a distinguished architectural practice for 25 years where he worked on large-scale projects including hospitals, medical offices, private and public primary and secondary schools, churches, and residences ranging in size from 500 square feet to 300,000 square feet.

Darrell graduated from the the University of Oklahoma School of Architecture where he studied under several noted practitioners including Bruce Geoff and Robert Jones. He has also been blessed to be mentored by many outstanding business leaders in the OKC community. 

In addition to his architectural practice Mr. McAllister established a real estate development company that designed, renovated, and owned commercial office buildings in downtown Oklahoma City.

Mr. McAllister’s design work is strongly influenced by the belief that social and environmental context, efficiency, timeless design, and modern technology are the major drivers of well-designed facilities. He is dedicated to promoting the value of an American architecture that is reflective of our culture, history and modern lifestyle that balance the needs of all stakeholders. 

He is also dedicated to the prosperity of local communities. His civic involvement includes service on various boards and non-profit organizations, including the Board of Regents of OKC Community College, Rotary Club 29, Urban Land Institute, Council of Educational Facilities Planners International, Southern Hills Baptist Church Deacon, and youth basketball coach.

His other interests include family time, watching his four children enjoy their activities, golf, fishing, hunting, Sooner Athletics, and Thunder Basketball. 

Darrell currently maintains architectural license in multiple states and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). 

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David Cyr, Associate 

David’s love of all things architecture and his outstanding technical skills add significant value to our project teams. His responsibilities include project management, technical drawings, team communications and computers systems management.  

Contact: [email protected]

Tatum Chapman, Associate

Tatum is a graduate of Christian Heritage Academy and is currently attending the University of Oklahoma where he will graduate with a degree in Architectural Engineering. Tatum’s attention to detail, understanding of engineering and building systems and positive attitude are great assets to our team and clients.   

Contact: [email protected]

Austin McAllister, Social Media / Business Development

Austin is a graduate of Christian Heritage Academy. He is a talented entrepreneur, designer and marketer. He has started multiple web based businesses including a shoe company that partnered with a local non-profit to bring clean drinking water to Africa. Austin has designed, marketed, managed and sold custom shoes to people throughout the world. He has a collaborative mindset that brings our team together and helps us see prospects and possible projects in new and unique ways. 


At McAA, we’re proud of our expertise and advanced technologies, but deeply value our partnerships across the design and construction community as essential to our success.

For specialized knowledge and expertise, we rely on alliances with firms that can add unique value-added services. Working together, we deliver clients solutions that meet highly specific needs with little complexity.

We always seek opportunities to partner with firms that share our goals and high standards of excellence. Please call (405) 563-8295 or email us to discuss potential strategic partnerships.